Liesl & Po
We Should All Be BookwormsNovember 23, 2021x
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Liesl & Po

It’s a quirky little fairy tale that’s fun, magical and sweet. It starts off in dark, sunless place, but by the end of it, sunlight comes back to the world in a big, bright, beautiful way that will leave you smiling.
About the book

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver is a fairy tale about an orphaned girl named Liesl and a ghost named Po on a mission to help Liesl’s father’s soul find rest. Along the way they are joined by Will, a runaway alchemist’s apprentice who accidentally lost “The Greatest Magic in the World.” Together, they navigate a cold, sunless world while being chased by powerful people who mean them harm. But hope, love and friendship sustain them, and it’s because of their perilous journey that sunlight comes back to the world.

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